RoyHave you ever thought that doing the “HIPAA stuff” for your computer, phone, and email should be a lot easier than it is?

You’re in good company. A lot of us have thought that.

Luckily, here at Person Centered Tech, we’ve got something that will bring you about as close to that dream as you can reasonably get. We call it our “HIPAA Investigation Repellent” course. And we’re making it even easier to get going on it in the New Year by dropping the price 50% for Christmas!

The full process of HIPAA compliance takes a fair amount of planning and diligence. However — and this is especially true for solo mental health clinicians — the kinds of digital security breaches that are most likely to hurt clients and bring on a HIPAA investigation are also the most easily avoided.

Many solo or small mental health practices can do the same basic set of things, and they will greatly reduce the likelihood of a significant digital security breach that hurts clients and can bring on investigations or other complaints.

The course is a 1-hour recording of a special seminar we did for our members that explains these easy-to-do steps. Most importantly, though, is that the course includes access to our step-by-step demonstration videos that show you how to do the things described in the course on your own devices.

It really is meant to get you going with the low-hanging fruit of HIPAA security and to quickly improve the safety of your client’s private information. And up until January 2nd 8th! it is 50% off:

Click for the HIPAA Investigation Repellent course at 50% Off Until January 2nd 8th!

Oh, and also! This course is included as part of our membership service at no extra cost. If you’re thinking you might need a little more from us than just the course, call or email to talk about membership. We’re happy to consult with you on what you need and how we can help:


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