Group Practice Telemental Health Program

Differentiate Yourself

Person Centered Tech’s Group Practice Telemental Health Program provides all the policy templates, practice forms and expert coaching needed to design your program, train your team, and launch your teletherapy practice.

  • Leverage your knowledge to stand out in a saturated market
  • Ensure effective, standards based care

Make Your Teletherapy Program STAND OUT

As behavioral health professionals, our ethical standards require us to have sufficient knowledge, skills, and understanding of any intervention or tool we employ in our clinical work.  This standard absolutely applies to our use of technology generally, and to telehealth specifically.
One of the best ways to meet these requirements is through a comprehensive training and certification program, like PCT’s Telemental Health Certification.  This equips clinicians to effectively and safely provide clinical services via technology.
— Eric Ström JD Phd LMHC
Teletherapy and HIPAA Attorney and Mental Health Pro


5 Comprehensive Program Steps

  1. Customize your program operation manual, using PCT’s templates and our expert consultation. 
  1. Select tech and services that provide your needed functionality and security with the guidance of our experts.
  1. Prepare your clinical coordinator for program leadership with our telemental health training and consultation from PCT’s experts.
  1. Prepare your clinicians with PCT’s minimal TMH training program + coaching from your clinical coordinator/or PCT experts.
  1. Start serving clients via telemental health with the assurance that your program is built on a solid foundation.

Be Confident

  • credentialing for insurance based practices
  • teletherapy coverage
  • demonstrated competencies

ALL the policy templates, practice forms, CE courses, expert advice you need to promote effective, standards-based, and skilled teletherapy providers in your practice.

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Here’s What’s Included



Program Manual

  • Comprehensive Program and Policy Manual for a standards-based teletherapy program
  • Guides your clinicians in just what they need to know so they don’t get overloaded with extras that won’t help them.

Telemental Health Forms

The 5 clinical forms you need to practice telemental health safely and ethically.

  • Sample telemental health informed consent form
  • Session documentation form,
  • Telemental health appropriateness assessment form,
  • Technology recovery and client safety plan form,
  • Rubric for coaching and testing clinician readiness for videoconferencing-based telemental health.


Tech Selection Materials

Get access to PCT’s comprehensive tech selection materials to help you figure out what you need in your practice tech stack.

Bring your questions to Group Practice Office Hours to get support around tricky choices.


Program Manual & Forms Support

Included in your purchase are customizable templates and forms to help your Telemental Health program director create a procedure manual and clinical forms that meet your practice’s needs.

This is the foundation for a legal-ethical and standards based telemental health program.

Group Practice Office Hours is the space to get individualized answers to questions that come from this process.

"Lights, Camera, Action" Coaching Sessions

Lights, Camera, Action! is our Telemental Health skills coaching check-in, created to ensure each provider is session-ready.  LCAs are designed to build confidence in the technical aspects of team members’ clinical craft, and to rehearse performing a first online session.  PCT will train your clinical director to perform the Lights, Camera, Action! with your team members, or they can do their practice session directly with the PCT experts. Confident & competent is the goal!

PLUS: Group Practice Care Premium

This one service plan provides the tools and direct support that you need through initiation, continuation, completion, and ongoing maintenance practice optimization and HIPAA compliance!

Your ongoing maintenance needs are covered, too!

Group Practice Care is the support you need– no matter if you just started selecting your services, have scheduled your risk analysis, or started your HIPAA policies and procedures. See Brochure

Clinical Coordinator Full Training

The clinical coordinator(s) will complete the full Telemental Health Certification Program as described here.

This includes coursework on clinical standards, policy decisions, tech selection, and administrative issues.

The full training program consists of 18.5 CE credit hours, comprised by 6 courses:

  • Engaging in HIPAA Security and Digital Confidentiality as a Mental Health Professional. 9 Ethics CE credit hours. See Brochure→
  • Practicing Via Telemental Health I: An Orientation. 2 CE credit hours; 1 Ethics CE credit hour. See Brochure→
  • Practicing Via Telemental Health II: Care Delivery Fundamentals. 2 CE credit hours; 1 Ethics CE credit hour. See Brochure→
  • Practicing Via Telemental Health III: The Clinician-Client Relationship. 2 CE credit hours. See Brochure→
  • Practicing Via Telemental Health IV: Preparing to Practice. 2 CE credit hours. See Brochure→
  • Cross Jurisdictional Teletherapy Practice: Case Law, Rules Of Practice, And Working With Minors Across State Lines 2 CE credit hours See Brochure→


    Topical, supportive CE to help you feel even more confident

    with each seat of leadership training, you’ll also receive access to 5 additional topical bonus trainings

    • Teletherapy from the Home or Mobile Office: HIPAA, Ethical and Standard of Care Issues. 1 CE credit hour. See Brochure→
    • Teletherapy With Older Adults: Clinical Effectiveness, Legal-Ethical Considerations, And Strategies Of Support. 2 CE credit hours. See Brochure→
    • Teletherapy and Remote Payment: Legal-Ethical and Practical Considerations. 1 CE credit hour. See Brochure→
    • Tele-Assessment: the Research & Practice of Remote Testing. 1 CE credit hour. See Brochure→
    • HIPAA Security Topical Trainings, non CE. See Brochure→

    Team Training

    CE course work for the clinical coordinator and all clinical staff providing teletherapy.


    General clinical staff will complete a truncated portion of the certificate program that focuses on what they need to know for effective clinical work.

    The truncated training consists of 5 CE credit hours (3 of which are legal-ethical), comprised by 3 courses:

    • Practicing Via Telemental Health III: The Clinician-Client Relationship. See Brochure→
    • Video Presentation Skills in Telemental Health, Both Basic and Intermediate. See Brochure→
    • Teletherapy From the Home or Mobile Office: HIPAA, Ethical, and Standard of Care Issues See Brochure→

    The money I spent for what you offered was one of the best uses of my money, ever, in my professional life. I am so happy with what I got from the certificate program, the office hours, etc. etc. I only wish it could go on forever! I appreciated the humor, the integrity of materials delivery, the ease of application of the material and, most importantly, the deep sense of trust and confidence that developed in me from the process.

    - Suzanne Lippuner

    PS: Earn Your Certification Badge!

    Group Practice Telemental Health Program + Demonstrated HIPAA Security Compliance = your certification badge!

    Want this badge on your website to show potential clients and service contract partners that your team is properly trained and prepared to perform telemental health services and that the practice is HIPAA secure? Complete our Group Practice Telemental Health Program and our Group Practice HIPAA Security Program (or demonstrate that your practice is HIPAA security compliant*) and receive our endorsement that your practice is a Telemental Health Certified Practice — which comes with this snazzy badge.

    *Additional consulting fees may apply

    Certified groups get this awesome badge for their website


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