What you need, no matter where you are.

This one service plan provides the tools and direct support that you need. We’ve got you covered through initiation, continuation, completion, and ongoing maintenance practice optimization and HIPAA compliance– all through Group Practice Care Premium.

Group Practice Care is the support you need– no matter if you just started selecting your services, have scheduled your risk analysis, or started your HIPAA policies and procedures.

Your ongoing maintenance needs are covered, too!

Tools to help your practice succeed

What is Group Practice Care?

Practice Care provides a one-stop place to easily manage your practice, avoid security breaches and reach full HIPAA compliance on your own pace. Tailored for Group Practices, Group Practice Care is a software application that provides the resources and tools Group Practice Leadership and teams can access to support and educate in a set-it-and-forget-it way.

Created by practicing clinician and security expert Roy Huggins, LPC NCC, and group practice expert Liath Dalton, Practice Care is made for mental health professionals by mental health professionals, so you know each step is tailored for your practice, with a client-centered approach.

Do I need Group Practice Care AND the PCT Way?

We get this question a lot, so if you’re stumped, you aren’t alone!

The PCT Way is the componentized system that methodically helps you reach HIPAA compliance and practice optimization.

Practice Care is the service that supports you through the PCT Way and provides access to the software application that makes the PCT Way so easy and streamlined to use. 

All that to say: Yes! You need both! 

Group Practice Care

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Group Practice Care Premium's most popular resources:

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Weekly Consultation Support

With Group Practice Care Premium, you get access to PCT experts every week to ask your questions and get consultative advice for whatever you need. Watch how it works here. 

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Device Security Center

With Group Practice Care Premium, you get access to the Group Practice Device Security Center. 

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Remote Workspace Tools

Stay secure in the office or on the go with our Remote Workspace tools to help you and your team stay HIPAA secure. See how it works here.

See the good work in action

Come see how the PCT Way and Group Practice Care can make your practice life less stressful, more efficient, and HIPAA secure.

It works for you, because we made it for you, because we are you.

The PCT Way is a robust system that makes your whole practice work by ensuring its needs are met in a clinically effective, low-cost, and reliably HIPAA-compliant manner.

We took a large framework and 15+ years of experience helping our colleagues leverage tech in their practices and created a specific, streamlined system to meet your particular context and needs.

It’s for mental health, by mental health!


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