Device Security for Practice and Staff HIPAA Security Module

Secure Staff & Practice Devices to meet HIPAA Security Requirements

(no IT team required) 

Everything you need to wrangle both practice-owned and staff-owned devices, get them registered and secured according to HIPAA guidelines, and set a streamlined procedure for managing devices– all without the headaches.

Watch Liath Dalton demonstrate the device security tools we have for your practice. (7 mins)

This is Step 3 of the PCT Way.

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Your team wants to use the devices they already use and love.

But, staff-owned devices used for clinical work can be risky. Since the security of client information is the responsibility of the practice and not the owner of the device, it is imperative that you have a plan for your team’s devices.

When client info is accessed or handled by a device, its security (or lack thereof) is the responsibility of the practice — whether or not the device is practice-owned.

That’s where a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Program comes in!

Assignable and Trackable Process

When you get Group Practice Care Premium, you will receive the ability to assign, track and follow up on device security.

You can even automate this process by linking to the information from your intranet or internal documentation.

Leader Orientation Tools

Want the overview of the Device Security BYOD process? We have a full orientation so that leadership can know what to expect and how to prepare staff and team members for this process. It’s the TL:DR of BYOD (and if that’s too many acronyms for you– it’s the too-long-didn’t-read of bring-your-own-device) and will help you get up to speed ASAP (because your time and energy are to be protected!)

assignable trackable secure

In depth, soothing instructional videos

Easy to follow instruction videos that ANYONE can follow. You don’t need an IT team to secure your devices!

SAVE that money and follow our soothing instructions for any of your devices. 

Our security center has a growing number of devices types and is regularly updated.

Hands-off functionality

  • Simplify clinician onboarding
  • Delegate device security through the built-in assignment feature
  • Allow clinicians to secure their devices easily, and follow your policies as required.

Get Access to these tools and more through Group Practice Care Premium.


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