Get Support With Step 5: HIPAA Manuals

When you are a member of Group Practice Care Premium, and you start your Step 5: HIPAA Manual project plan, you’ll get access to Open Forum Guidance groups with PCT consultants. 

This open forum is ideal for those who:

  • Have specific questions for whatever particular task in your Project Plan you’re working on
  • Need assurance that your work is right. Just bring your work and the consultants will check your work!
  • Want motivation and accountability in their tasks

Get Access to Open Form Guidance

We want to help you get access to the support you need. These are the two items that you need on your account in order to access the guidance groups. 

HIPAA Compliance Optional**

When you work within the PCT Way, you tackle practical tasks first, so you can avoid violations and breaches in order to pursue full compliance, if required, at your own pace.

Have a broader question?

Group Practice Care Premium comes with Group Practice Office Hours which will provide the open forum consultation space to get advice on more than *just* your project plan. 

No matter where you are in your journey, we’re here to help your practice thrive.


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