The states are starting to slowly, hesitantly open up some parts of the social world we remember from all those years ago (Wait, what? It was just like 6 weeks ago??? No way!)

This includes opening up non-emergency medical treatments. But does that mean a return of in-person therapy sessions? If so, what might that look like? Roy prognosticates in this embedded FB Live video, with summary below:

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In-Person Session Safety Measures

  • In Oregon, at least, the clinician would need to check the client for certain symptoms before entering the office.
  • Masks and gloves for all involved.
  • Disinfecting the office between clients.
  • The Oregon rules, at least, also require the client capacity to be no more than half what it was before the emergency.

These points raise the question, for each therapist, of whether they are ready to perform these measures — or if they even want to.

There is also no requirement for a practice to be all in-person or all online. The hybrid model is not only viable, but likely to be the norm for quite some time to come — possibly forever!

Teletherapy Is Here for the Long Haul. Find Your Comfort.

If performing teletherapy still feels temporary, or if it’s stress-inducing or painful, we strongly advise that you find what you need to get comfortable and turn towards the medium. If you’re reading this, you are a technology-mediated therapist now. Turn towards it and find your comfortable place in it. :)

Some tips for comfort:

  • Switch things up. Can you move locations for your sessions?
  • I’m seeing more and more how being on camera induces stress for some people. If it’s appropriate for the client’s clinical needs, and you can get paid for it, consider some phone sessions.
  • Get a biggish monitor — like at least 20″.
  • Make sure you chair is comfy to lean back in. Don’t feel like you have to sit at attention.
  • Let your eyes relax in session. Squinting at screens can really hurt.

And the biggest overall piece of advice is to seek out any parts of you that are treating your teletherapy as “just temporary” or “over soon,” and see what they need in order to turn towards the teletherapy as a long-term way of practicing. We really think that will help you find more comfort, and possibly more joy, in the work.

Learn more about comfort in telemental health:

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