Device Security Resources and Tools

Secure Your Devices to meet HIPAA Security Requirements

(no techy experience needed!)

Avoid security breaches with devices secured according to HIPAA guidelines and get it done with ease.

Part of what lets vulnerable clients know they can trust us with their stories is the knowledge that we regard those stories as sacred and private.

So that raises a question: how do we hold a safe, secure space when clients communicate with us by email, text, or phone?

It all starts with you, your processes… and your devices.

This is Step 3 of the PCT Way.

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A Must For Clinicians

  • we’re not just writing our progress notes or sending emails through our devices; we’re providing all our client care through our devices too.

  •  powerful tools can also make the client information they’re used to access and handle very vulnerable if not properly secured.

    In the COVID context, security vulnerabilities of devices and online systems are being exploited at record rates and with very real consequences.

Keeping your client’s private information safe from the most common and easily prevented risks is simple, once you know what to do.

Goals: Keep clients’ private information safe from the most common and easily prevented HIPAA Security risks while addressing your real-world communication needs…. all in one afternoon.

In depth, soothing instructional videos

Easy to follow instructions videos that ANYONE can follow. You don’t need an IT team (or helpful teenager) to secure your devices.

Our security center has a growing number of device types and is regularly updated.

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The Device Security Instruction Center

Access to the Device Security Center means that you get accessible HIPAA-security advice for every cellphone, laptop, and tablet you have for the rest of your career.

Simply follow the video instructions to “harden” any device that you’re using for client PHI, and you can rest easy knowing that this chunk of your HIPAA security is set!

Tech Level: Beginner

Average Implementation Time: 2-5 hours

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