Teletherapy Manuals and Forms for Group Practices

Group TMH Policy & Procedure Manual and Practice Forms Pack

The heart of PCT’s group telemental health program. If you do not already have detailed policies and procedures, and practice forms for your telemental health program, add this to your program. 

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Practice-ready forms and procedures for teletherapy programs:

  • Telemental Health Procedure Manual (This is the roadmap your telemental health program will run on)
  • Telemental Health Informed Consent form
  • Tech Recovery and Safety Plan form
  • Telemental Health Session Documentation form
  • On-Camera Skills Testing Rubric
  • New Client Pre-Session Form
  • Telemental Health Program Workforce Policies Agreement form
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Program Manual

This comprehensive telemental health template procedure manual provides the roadmap for a full standards-based telemental health program. This invaluable guidance empowers your clinicians to practice teletherapy properly — relieving them of needing to do a lot of training and development of their own telemental health practice procedures. These cohesive procedures have been tested and vetted as effective, reasonable, and supportive. 

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Telemental Health Forms

We provide the clinical forms you need:

  • sample telemental health informed consent form
  • session documentation form
  • telemental health appropriateness assessment form
  • technology recovery and client safety plan form

as well as a rubric for coaching and testing clinician readiness for providing effective client care via video.

Take a Look At the Program Manual Table of Contents:

hands on manual
  • Our Teletherapy Program
  • Who to go to for help
  • How to make changes or arrange exceptions to the policies or procedures
  • Teletherapy Clinician Onboarding
    • Training requirements
    • Final approval process
  • Interjurisdictional and Interregional Practice
    • Jurisdictions and regions
    • How we prepare for practice in different regions and jurisdictions
    • Traveling clients
  • The Clinician’s Teletherapy Setup for Videoconferencing — Gear, Services, and Space
    • Required and recommended electronic equipment
    • Software and services to use for
      teletherapy practice
    • Clinician spaces, dress, and lighting,
      and ways to set them up
    • Preparing Clients For the First Teletherapy Session
    • Required forms and basic information
    • Risk assessments
    • In-person/face-to-face assessments
    • Informing clients about session prep
  • Clinician’s Session Prep Procedure
    • Preventing computer or Internet issues
    • Camera and lighting
  • First Session Procedures
  • Ongoing Session Procedures
  • Termination Procedures
    • Providing referrals
  • Technology Failures and Emergency/Crisis Management
    • Technology failures
    • Using the process defined for the client in crisis
    • Enrolling assistance local to the client
    • Enrolling assistance from colleagues 
  • Recording policy

    Created by Mental Health Professionals for Mental Health Professionals

    Customizable, Practical Forms Designed to Address HIPAA Considerations

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    Massive Value Pack of Teletherapy Materials

    As someone who has professional experience with risk management, PHI / PII (personally identifiable information), and security (and my partner is an IT architect and cybersecurity professional), we both thought the training was very well done!  It took the complexity of data movement and security and told the story in a way that is tangible by nontechnical persons.  Also, upon review of the risk management and auditing forms, those look fantastic!  These are valuable tools that any professional can take and implement into their practice!  Person Centered Tech saved me a ton of time by creating these documents and processes!

    Meg Rafanelli

    Practical Approach For the Every-Therapist

    The Person Centered Tech approach centers the client- giving you tools and resources to be at your best for your clients. 

    This value pack of materials includes the forms you can use to support your clinical staff and your clients

    This pack of materials integrate seamlessly with the following resources.

    Telemental Health Support and Consultation Package
    Telemental Health Director Training
    – Telemental Health Clinical Staff Training


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