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Office Hours is the weekly open-office live event where you can get personalized support for your tech questions from industry experts.

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NEW: Get Access to Office Hours through Solo Practice Care and also get access to your very own Device Security Center!

Keeping your devices secure is important for both client care and for your HIPAA requirements.

But mental health clinicians are not all IT folks. And knowing how to make your device safe for sensitive information can be tricky. 

Enter the Device Security Center!

Filled with instructional videos and helpful walkthroughs on a wide variety of laptops, tablets and cellphones, you can easily get your devices secure with minimal drama.

Say Yes To Empowered Tech Use

Dive into your specific questions with personalized answers to your specific situation. Never feel unsure again!

Weekly Scheduled Live Event

Each live, online session lasts for 90 minutes and is hosted 4 times per month. That’s 6 hours of expert advice each month!

Theme-free sessions

Ask away! Each session is standalone and will cover any topic you need to address. Submit your question and engage with the experts live. Specific questions are welcome and encouraged.

On Your Own Schedule

If you cannot attend Office Hours live, answers to your questions will be sent to you with clips from the session. Follow up questions can be submitted to the next office hours session as needed- it’s up to you!

Access to 250+ session library

Search through our comprehensive library of bite-sized clips that answer thousands of questions. Keywords make this easy!

Simple interface with unlimited access

It’s easy to submit an Office Hour question, and you can ask as many questions as you need.

No Contracts

Subscribe for monthly or yearly auto-renewal (by popular request.) Either way. you can cancel at any time.

How Office Hours Works

Please watch these free clips from a previous live session in order to help get a sense of what sessions are like and the types of specific questions we address. In the first question in the play queue, we jump into the topic of secure options for getting payment from teletherapy clients. 


Convenient, affordable, scheduled access to Person Centered Tech experts.

What if I can’t join live?

That’s okay! When you submit a question to office hours, you will be sent a video clip with your answer from the session. Follow up questions can be submitted to the next office hours session as needed- it’s up to you! You will also have access to the library to have access to all of the questions your colleagues have asked too.

Are my questions confidential?

When you submit a question, you can indicate if you want confidentiality. We will not disclose your name without your consent. We also encourage you to avoid identifying details in your question as the question will be hosted on the live recording. 

What topics are typically covered during office hours?

We are all about tech in motion. We want to ensure that you have a comfortable experience with the technology you need to provide a high standard of care for your clients.

We cover everything from the emails/texts/web programs you use to connect with clients, to tech compliance with HIPAA, Telemental health, and beyond. Nuanced discussions are welcome!

We are not lawyers and don’t cover legal questions at this time.

What day is Office Hours held on?

Office Hours schedules are posted a month in advance and are typically held on Thursdays. If you cannot attend live, don’t worry! We conveniently send you the clip of your discussion in an email after the session. You can watch the whole session, just your clip, or any clips that you find helpful. 

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Convenient, affordable, scheduled access to Person Centered Tech experts.

I have been a member of office hours for about 2 years now and have learned soooooooo much from you!

Lisa Perry, MSW, LCSW

Middlesex, NJ

Get Access to Office Hours through Solo Practice Care Premium

Feel secure and empowered with expert guidance wherever you feel stuck.

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Using technology safely, securely and easily in your practice is easier than ever when you have the support of PCT experts at your fingertips. There are no stupid questions- so ask away!


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