Special Office Hours + CE presentation by PCT just for ORCA members

Person Centered Tech is holding an Office Hours session and topical CE presentation as a special offering to ORCA members, as one of your ORCA member benefits. We’ll be doing these special Office Hours + CE presentation sessions just for ORCA members two times per year.

The first hour will consist of the CE presentation, and the second hour will be the open Office Hours portion. There’s no requirement to attend for the full 2 hours. However, to get CE for the CE presentation you’ll need to be present for 55 minutes minimum of the first hour.

ORCA members Office Hours with CE Presentation — How to Text with Your Clients Session 1: Ethics, Safety & HIPAA Compliance

Date: Friday, November 16th, 2018
Time: 10AM – 12PM PST
Venue: Live, interactive webinar
Cost: Free to current ORCA members
Obtaining CE: CE certificates will be issued to those who attend live and are in attendance for 55 or more minutes of the CE presentation from 11AM – Noon (Mountain,) and who pass the post-quiz

What are Office Hours?

Office Hours are designed just like your professor’s office hours and are a means of giving direct consultation and answers to your pressing questions related to your particular practice considerations around the ethical, effective utilization of tech, digital confidentiality and HIPAA security compliance, and the provision of online therapy. Want a sense of what they’re like? You can view a preview here (see example #3.)

There’s a form below that you can use to submit your specific questions ahead of time and help ensure we’re able to address them during the session.

What’s the CE presentation?

The topical CE presentation portion for our inaugural ORCA X PCT partnership event is How to Text with Your Clients Session 1: Ethics, Safety & HIPAA Compliance.

While the recording of the CE presentation will be available through Person Centered Tech’s page on the ORCA membership site, CE will only be issued for live attendance. If you’re looking for high quality (and affordable!) on-demand CE, you can access 21.5+ immediately accessible CEs as one of the many resources included in Person Centered Tech membership.

Submitting Your Questions to be Addressed in Office Hours
  • Submit your questions using the form below.
  • We love specific questions! The purpose of Office Hours are to give you the answers and guidance you need for your practice. There’s no need to generalize your questions or try to reduce them to generic terms.
  • There’s no requirement to submit questions in order to participate and attend. However, if you do have questions you’d like addressed, we recommend submitting them ahead of time
  • You’ll have the option to verbally dialog with us when your questions come up in the session OR choose to stay anonymous, just like our regular Office Hours sessions for Person Centered Tech members.

ORCA members-only Office Hours Question Submission Form


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