PCT Event Support

For all your event-related questions

Where's my registration link?

It should be in your email, sent to you from Person Centered Tech at the address “customercare@gotowebinar.com

Here’s some common reasons you might not be seeing it:

  • It went to your Spam folder, not your inbox.
  • You have multiple email accounts and aren’t looking in the one you registered with.
  • When you signed up for the event you put in the incorrect email address.
How can I ask a question?
Our system lets you ask the presenters questions. It isn’t a chat feature though, other attendees won’t see what you’re typing to us.

Watch this short video for a walkthrough.

How can I download the handouts?
Our handouts are available via the onscreen interface. Watch this short video to see where they’re located and how to access them.

You’ll also be emailed them after the presentation.

What if I can't hear the presenters?

The first thing to try is to leave and come back again, that fixes most issues.

If that doesn’t work, GoToWebinar has an official page to help you troubleshoot audio issues. Click here for helpful tips.

What if I can hear the presenters but not see them?

GoToWebinar has a help page just for you. Click here for helpful tips.

Where can I download the slides and handouts?

For most events you’ll be able to download them in the Handouts section in the GoToWebinar Control Panel window in the top-right of your screen.

We also email out handouts and slides after the event is over.

How will I get my CE for the event?

If you attended for the full event time, you’ll be eligible to take a test, fill out an evaluation, and then get your certificate.

Once the event is done we’ll email you instructions on how to get your CE, here’s what it entails.

  • Follow the link in the email to take a quiz based on material presented on.
  • You’ll need to get a 75% on the quiz, but you can re-take it as much as you’d like.
  • Fill out the evaluation for the event.
  • Now you’ll get a link to generate your certificate, after it asks you for some basic demographic information the certificate requires.

All of this is handled from that link in the email we send you, and after you generate your certificate it’ll be saved in your PCT Dashboard so you can re-access it any time in the future.

When does the Self-Study course of the event come out?

We usually wrap up processing the event in the week after the event. It isn’t just a simple video replay, but also entails materials, coursework, and a quiz to get your certificate. You’ll get an email with a link to the self-study course as soon as it’s done.


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