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How to Survive Burnout

Presented by Evan Dumas, MA and Letta Raven

Burnout is real, and it’s not just a symptom of working too much. Adjusting to a new style of working, connecting, and living due to a pandemic is stressful enough. It makes sense that caring for others makes it even harder to care for ourselves, even in the best of times. Letta Raven and Evan Dumas are here to talk you through surviving burnout:

  •  Setting boundaries in a time when it feels like we can’t do enough
  •  Setting reasonable expectations for ourselves
  •  Caring for our past, present, and future selves
  •  What it looks like to ask for support when we’re only used to giving it
Speaker Biographies

Letta Raven is a curious and passionate person. She is an artist, public speaker, pleasure activist & published poet who enjoys baking, vision boarding, and Rhianna gifs. Letta believes that diversity in mentoring is vital for change and gives talks that help mentors gain the skills they need to make that happen.

Evan Dumas works in the space between mental health therapy and standup comedy, he speaks to groups large and small about the heavy stuff—with humor and lightness. His aim is to help workers everywhere cope with the occupational hazards of burnout and compassion fatigue. By addressing systemic issues both external and internalized, he helps people better understand their relationships to themselves and their work.


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