HIPAA Security Workbook Early Adopter Promotion Page

RoyHello there! If you found this page, it’s because you are motivated to get your practice in order and take care of your HIPAA needs fully. We already like you a lot!

Unfortunately, the HIPAA Security Workbook project is still experiencing major delays. So we’re not accepting early adopters for that program right now.

However, we are actively taking on new members of Person-Centered Tech Support, which is our deep support service for mental health clinicians working on their therapy tech needs.

If you’re here and you were hoping for more help than this message, why not give us a call? We offer a 10 minute consultation to any mental health pro in private practice. Liath, our customer success manager, can answer some of your basic questions and point you to the right resources to get your needs met.

No worries if you don’t end up buying anything. We’re glad to help.

To schedule your consult, email [email protected].


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