The PCT Way helps you optimize your practice and cover your HIPAA bases in just 5 steps

We believe that HIPAA compliance can make your practice safer, for you and for your clients, and doesn’t have to work against efficiency or the way we work as mental health professionals.

That’s why we start at the foundation and give you some momentum by tackling the highest impact pieces first. So compliance ends up feeling like a snowball, accumulating good work with more good work. 

The PCT way is a system that makes your whole practice work better.

We’re all about managing a solid foundation, with optimized processes for covering all of the components you need for relating to tech training and legal-ethical requirements.

continuing the good work of roy huggins with practice care and pct way

Step 1: Service Selection

a part of the Practical Focus Period

Optimize your practice tech for compliance, efficiency and usability.

Step 2: HIPAA Training

a part of the Practical Focus Period

Ensure comprehensive, practical training that meets your needs.

Step 3: Device Security

a part of the Practical Focus Period

Toughest part of HIPAA compliance – done with minimal drama.

Step 4: Risk Analysis and
Risk Mitigation Plan

a part of the Compliance Focus Period

Work with a PCT consultant to get this important piece of HIPAA compliance checked off in about 2 hours.

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Step 5: Set up your HIPAA Manual

a part of the Compliance Focus Period

Move through the step-by-step process for completing the policies and procedures and meet security compliance at your pace and on your schedule.

Powered by Practice Care

Practice Care provides a one-stop place to easily manage your practice, avoid security breaches, and reach full HIPAA compliance on your own pace.

Created by practicing clinician and security expert Roy Huggins, LPC NCC, and group practice expert Liath Dalton, Practice Care is made for mental health professionals by mental health professionals, so you know each step is tailored for your practice, with a client-centered approach. 

help when you need it

Why Choose the PCT Way?

We have taken the typical compliance journey that a mental health practice needs to walk, and we’ve done a few things:

1. We created the High Impact Zone: Here you get the most amount of impact with the smallest time and energy investment. This is entirely focused on the practical elements of your practice. The step-by-step process creates a rock-solid foundation for you to navigate. No more HIPAA red-herrings. You know exactly what you need to do. Steps 1-3 are included in the High Impact Zone.


2. We use real world practice scenerios to focus your efforts where they will make the most difference. Unlike other compliance firms, we’re also therapists. We know the work involved to fit quality mental health care into the medical service model and so we’ve created this process with your training and experiences in mind. 


3. We’ve made HIPAA compliance approachable (dare we say fun?) and manageable while being comprehensive and thorough. You’ll walk away with not just your HIPAA compliance checked off your to-do list, but also a fully functional and optimized security program. 

Optimize Your Practice

Get more from your practice services with our expert advice, formulas and guidance  that walks you step by step through the entire process from assessing your needs to finding the specific tech that can be leveraged to meet those needs securely and effectively.

Get Started

Getting started with the PCT Way is easy. Practice Care Basic gives you tons of tools to start managing your practice.

Grow Securely

Build Your HIPAA Manual and Policies and Procedures for full HIPAA compliance with our supported, fuss-free approach to creating your HIPAA compliance documentation, logs, and meeting your security requirements


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