Digital Ethics In Practice Management: A Heart-Centered Approach (In-Person)

St Johns Bridge

Portland, OR (Downtown). Live and in-person. Dec 5th.
6 CE Hours. All day. Small audience & intimate setting.

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A 6-hour training for private practice mental health counselors, marriage and family therapists, clinical social workers, and psychologists in psychotherapy practice to navigate the “digital ethics” and legal pitfalls in modern practice management. We will discuss:

  • confidentiality and other HIPAA/ethics concerns in electronic communications
  • “Cloud”-based practice management and record-keeping as well as electronic health records (“EHR”)
  • The technology used in “skype therapy,” aka telehealth
  • Managing a website ethically and in compliance with HIPAA
  • Dealing with and using online reviews
  • Credit cards and mobile payments among other aspects of practice management

Man In Suit Raising Hands In the AirVery few things can keep up with the speed of tech, and mental health practice is definitely not one of them! Managing a practice in the modern era has significantly increased in complexity. We get a lot of messages about paperless offices, an increasing pressure to get our client records on “the cloud,” using websites to market ourselves, all in an array of advice and messages that leave us wondering what is ethical, legal and good for our clients and ourselves.

In this training, we will explore these questions and more:

  • Is it possible for me to go “paperless” while keeping client confidentiality intact?
  • Am I required to get an Electronic Health Record system for my practice? What do I do with one if I am?
  • What are my technological needs if I wish to offer online therapy, often called “Skype Therapy?”
  • Can I safely use my website as a resource for clients?
  • My clients want me to take credit cards. Can I do that? Will I lose my shirt or violate HIPAA or ethics codes if I do?
  • How do I ethically deal with negative online reviews? Can I ethically use reviews to promote my practice?
  • Can I email or text my clients with scheduling and billing concerns without violating HIPAA?

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Important Note: This is not likely a useful resource for learning about marketing or growing a private practice. While we will explore issues around practice promotion, they will be focused on how modern practice promotion raises ethical and legal concerns, what those concerns are, and what people typically do to manage them.

This program will be taught in a seminar format, and will focus on helping attendees to gain the knowledge and tools they currently need to proceed with what I call “conscientious courage” — an ability to proceed without fear due to having the knowledge and motivation necessary to proceed ethically and legally.

Educational Objectives

Attendees will learn to:

  • Describe how to maintain a website that meets ethical and legal requirements and reasonably adheres to professional guidelines
  • Take necessary legal (e.g. HIPAA and others) and ethical precautions to use modern payment systems, including credit cards and online payments, in private practice
  • Describe the confidentiality and law-related concerns around telehealth tools, and how to find tools that fit clinician and client needs
  • Communicate with clients using electronic tools in a manner that is compliant with legal and ethical standards, including HIPAA
  • Professionally and ethically navigate the handling of negative online reviews and the use of positive ones
  • Describe Meaningful Use and the role of mental health clinicians in the national adoption of Electronic Health Records


Roy Huggins, MS NCC

This seminar is presented by Roy Huggins, LPC NCC, a counselor in private practice who also directs Person-Centered Tech.

Roy is an adjunct instructor at the Portland State University Counseling program where he teaches Ethics, and is a member of the Zur Institute advisory board. He has co-authored or authored 2 book chapters, consulted with counselor licensing boards on issues relating to technology in counseling practice, and he routinely consults with mental health colleagues on ethical and practical issues surrounding tech in clinical practice.

Before counseling, Roy worked as a professional Web developer for 7 years before changing paths, and makes it his mission to grow clinicians’ understanding of the Internet and other electronic communications mediums for the future of our practices and our professions.

Vital Stats:

CE Hours: 6 NBCC-approved CE clock hours.
Total Time: The program will occur over the course of 7 hours, including a break for lunch.
Accommodations: Person-Centered Tech always strives to provide comfortable accommodations for all our attendees. We only use ADA-accessible venues and keep some seating clear to accomodate wheelchairs or special seating needs. If you have certain accommodation needs, please contact us before the event so we can plan accordingly.
Meals and Snacks: We always provide coffee, tea and water as well as other snacks during in-person live events. The exact menu will vary depending on venue. Lunch is the attendee’s responsibility, however.
Date: December 5th.
Time: 9:00am – 4:00pm
511 SW 10th Ave, Suite 605
Portland, OR 97202


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Licensed Professionals $99 $120

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