It’s 2015 and all kinds of weirdness is hitting the private practice scene!

EHR! EMR! (What a difference a letter makes)
PSAT/NMSQT (that’s actually a standardized test for high schoolers)

Just like we did in 2014, we’re coming in to help you understand how a mental health clinician makes sense of this stuff and figures out what is needed for risk management and compliance with whatever alphabet soup applies to you.

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About the Presenters

Rob (left) and Roy (right)
Rob (left) and Roy (right)

Roy Huggins and Rob Reinhardt talk about tech in mental health therapy! If you don’t know us:

  • Roy Huggins (that’s the guy who runs this website) is a mental health counselor and recovering website developer who does continuing education and consulting on tech in mental health care.
  • Rob Reinhardt is a mental health counselor and supervisor who is also in recovery from the Information Technology world, and runs a well-respected private practice consultancy in North Carolina called Tame Your Practice.

Both of these guys spend a lot of time on places like LinkedIn answering questions about mental health and technology, HIPAA, and whatever questions people have about how to move forward courageously with 21st-century mental health practice.

Therapy Tech is their project aimed at making this process of advising and helping their colleagues more fun and accessible. You can join them live during the broadcast or watch it later at any time — there’s no expiration date for this show. Come join!

This is not a continuing education event.


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