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Digital Confidentiality According to Professional Ethics and HIPAA: A Heart-Centered Approach (Self-Study edition)

7 CE Hours, Register Now: $50 $37.50
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101 Gentle Intro Course • Level I Course • Level II Course

Want an idea of what the courses are like? Please watch this sample video from the Level II course, in which Roy demonstrates why full-disk encryption is such an important tool in our security tool belts:

This is one of many videos you’ll enjoy in this self-study series. The above video is from the Level II course.

Level 101 Gentle Intro, Self-Study (1 CE hr.)

Gently orient yourself to the world of security (ethics-wise and HIPAA-wise) for mental health clients and clinicians.

101 Gentle Intro Educational Objectives:

  • Develop a plan to approach the 3 main steps for HIPAA Security Rule compliance
  • Use the risk-based approach to security for protecting sensitive client information
  • Comply with the HIPAA Security Rule and maintain security while also maintaining and meeting individual client needs

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7 CE Hours, Register Now: $50 $37.50
Until December 24th!

Level I Course, Self-Study (3 CE hrs.)

Not just what you have to do, but also what you can do. Meet your clients where they are and be secure.

Level I Educational Objectives:

  • Determine what the clinician needs to do to achieve compliance with HIPAA Security and HITECH mandates around transmission technology.
  • Describe security standards like encryption and when we need them in clinical practice – legally, ethically and practically.
  • Assess popular communications technologies for ethical, clinical and practical appropriateness for use with clients.

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7 CE Hours, Register Now: $50 $37.50
Until December 24th!

101 Gentle Intro Course • Level I Course • Level II Course

Level II Course, Self-Study (3 CE hrs.)

Manage a practice that works for you, works for clients, and works for ethical and legal requirements.

Level II Educational Objectives:

  • Incorporate client behaviors and beliefs around security/privacy into assessment and treatment.
  • Conduct a HIPAA-compliant risk analysis and create a risk management plan
  • Describe what is needed to secure data storage and mobile devices to HIPAA-compliant levels

See the syllabus→

7 CE Hours, Register Now: $50 $37.50
Until December 24th!

101 Gentle Intro Course • Level I Course • Level II Course

About the Author/Presenter

Santa Roy

When Roy lets the beard go…

These seminars are presented by Roy Huggins, LPC NCC, a counselor in private practice who also directs Person-Centered Tech. Roy worked as a professional Web developer for 7 years before changing paths, and makes it his mission to grow clinicians’ understanding of the Internet and other electronic communications mediums for the future of our practices and our professions.

Roy is an adjunct instructor at the Portland State University Counseling program where he teaches Ethics, and is a member of the Zur Institute advisory board. He has co-authored or authored 2 book chapters, and he routinely consults with mental health colleagues on ethical and practical issues surrounding tech in clinical practice.

Testimonials About Roy’s Presentations

Ofer Zur, PhDRoy presents a unique combination of expertise and heart… Equally important is that he is not an alarmist and he neither scares practitioners nor presents a fear-based, rigid risk management approach.Like very few others, Mr. Huggins can present with warmth and clarity on complex issues that most therapists wonder about in simple, understandable language. These topics include security and privacy of e-mails, texts, laptops, smartphones, tablets, as well as about encryption, electronic health records, and much, much more.”– Ofer Zur, PhD
APA Fellow
Director, Zur Institute

Noah RubensteinI truly can’t say enough good things about Roy’s continuing education presentation with Ofer Zur, “HIPAA and the Future of Mental Health Practice.” Not only was Roy extremely knowledgeable on a complex, contemporary topic, but he made his presentation interesting and engaging for our members. Many thanks to Roy for this important contribution to our continuing education program!”– Noah Rubinstein, LMFT 
CEO and Founder of

Larry ConnerRoy is a great presenter. He brings knowledge, humor, and integrity to his trainings. He has detailed technical knowledge about communication in the 21st century and he brings to that his understanding of psychotherapy and ethics.Every time I have heard him present,I have learned something new about how to manage the challenges we face as psychotherapists in the 21st century.”– Larry Conner MA LPC
Public Policy & Advocacy Chair, Oregon Counseling Association;
Past President, Oregon Mental Health Counselors Association

7 CE Hours, Register Now: $50 $37.50
Until December 24th!

101 Gentle Intro Course • Level I Course • Level II Course

“I wanted to take a second to thank you.  You blended incredible depth of knowledge, sense of humor and a clear message of respect for clients and colleagues.  I learned that I have work to do to get up to speed in a number of areas but I don’t think I’m at ground zero.One of the best workshops I’ve attended in 20 years!– New Orleans, LA Training Attendee

The material covered was extremely relevant, thorough, and applicable. Value added was far beyond the cost of the training. Thank you!”– Portland, OR Training Attendee

Roy Huggins did a well-received presentation for our organization. He is unusual in his grasp of technology, clinical work, and professional ethics and in his ability to explain how they interact in our day to day practice. All this done in language that was easy to understand without being a techie, and complete with concrete, step by step approaches for maintaining confidentiality in the digital age. I highly recommend him.”– Albert J. Bernstein PhD
President, Pacific Northwest Providers

7 CE Hours, Register Now: $50 $37.50
Until December 24th!

101 Gentle Intro Course • Level I Course • Level II Course


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