Episode 342: Getting Your GFEs into Gear for 2024

We discuss best practices for providing Good Faith Estimates for long term recurring care including: whether clients need to sign their GFEs; dissemination of information vs creating a contractual bond; how to provide GFEs to clients; how to document GFEs; what you should include in a Good Faith Estimate; who should get a GFE and why; and when to provide GFEs for clients.

Episode 341: 5 Tips for Tidying Things up in Your Practice at the End of the Year

In this podcast episode, we’re talking about ways to start 2024 off with an optimized and fortified group practice.

We discuss starting the new year on a solid foundation; reviewing current group practice systems and tech stacks; ensuring your team has the training they need; checking devices and device security; risk analysis and mitigation; reviewing policies and procedures as well as HIPAA manuals; and the PCT resources that can help you with each of these tips.


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