ePHI Local Storage Device Security Center Updates for Group Practice Care Premium + Step 5: HIPAA Manual Owners

by | Sep 12, 2022 |

The what and the [for] who: we have made some useful updates to the Group Practice Care Premium Device Security Center *and* to the Step 5: PCT Way Group Practice HIPAA Manual & Materials Owners (and those who own the materials from having done the former plan iterations of the PCT Group Practice offerings that included the Policies & Procedures, Manuals, and Forms & Logs — specifically the Partnered Program, Supported Program, and Bait & Tackle.)

The why: these updates are made to support practices in reducing their ‘surface area of risk exposure’, and to make the onboarding, offboarding, and device check-ups for both practice-owned and personally owned devices used for practice work more streamlined and easeful.

**Watch the video above for an explanation of these updates, what they consist of, and how to utilize and incorporate them into your practice’s security program.**

For Group Practice Care Premium members: check out the updates in the Device Security Center — no action is needed to incorporate the updates, they’re all in place and will just automatically be part of the process for new device registrations, retirements, and for the periodic device check-ups.

For step 5: PCT Way Group Practice HIPAA Manual & Materials Owners: click the button below to visit the ePHI storage document updates page to obtain the updated materials and for step-by-step guidance tutorials on incorporating the new materials into your existing materials.

Questions? Bring any and all of your questions about these updates and how to incorporate them into your practice’s security program to Group Practice Office Hours (part of Group Practice Care Premium.) Click the button below to submit your questions for the next session, and the PCT consulting team will gladly provide support and guidance!


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