Welcome group practice owners! We are Liath Dalton and Roy Huggins, your co-hosts of the Group Practice Tech podcast.

In our latest episode, we’re talking about The PCT Way.

We discuss how we developed The PCT Way; simplifying HIPAA compliance needs; minimizing financial cost as well as time, energy, anxiety, and cognitive overhead; meeting your practice needs and client needs in a way that’s efficient and reliably HIPAA compliant; systems vs. frameworks; solo vs. group practice needs; system bloat; the five primary steps of The PCT Way (service selection, HIPAA training, device security, risk analysis, and building your HIPAA security compliance manual); new features on the Person Centered Tech website; why HIPAA compliance is optional; and being proactive with the PCT Way.

Stay tuned for future episodes!


  • The PCT Way for Group Practices – a system for making your *whole* practice work. Learn more, and start for free.
  • Group Practice Care PCT Way is the system, Practice Care is the service that supports you through it.
  • Celebratory Launch + Black Friday + Cyber Monday Sale. Save up to 25% on Group Practice Care (annual) *and* role-based staff HIPAA, ethics, and teletherapy trainings (CE for clinical staff trainings).
  • Build Your Team — add your team and assign and track their HIPAA Security Tasks, including:
    • Our nationally respected, role-based HIPAA and privacy ethics training built for mental health staff (CE for clinical staff)
    • Vital, relevant security awareness training
    • Personal device securing (BYOD) and registration
    • Automate kind reminders when needed
    • Track your team’s progress and completion status
    • Manage your team with separate, revocable logins, assigned content, and detailed training logs so you can stay on top of your team’s HIPAA compliance tasks — without the drama.


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